This site is basically a collection of notes to myself.  I get tired of Googling the same things over and over, so I created this site a reference I can return to…and I figured that if it helps me maybe it will help someone else.

What Do I Do?

By trade, I guess I’m programmer…though I usually just tell people I do computer stuff.  The more I post to this site you’ll see that basically I’m interested in all things computer and have at least dabbled in wide array of computer technologies and applications.

I work for a company called SCADAware.  Our primary service is industrial controls/automation and SCADA.  That encompasses a lot–software development, graphic design, mobile development, system administration–just to name a few areas, and we do it all.

Come Again

Sorry this site look like junk right now! I just recently came back online with this new site and it will be a work in progress for some time. For now I just wanted to get something up to start building on.