How to do an Android factory reset on the Motorola Droid

If  you use your Motorola Droid for application development, or if you just want to start fresh for some other reason, you will need to know how to do an Android factory reset on your Droid.  Performing an Android factory reset isn’t complicated, but you must follow the correct sequence of events and timing is important.  That said, here are the steps to do an Android factory reset on Droid.

  1. Power off the Droid
  2. Remove SD card (this isn’t technically necessary, it’s more of a paranoia step)
  3. Hold down the power key and ‘X’ key (on the keyboard) simultaneously and wait for a screen to appear that has an exclamation point inside a triangle
  4. Press the volume-up button and the camera button simultaneously (this is the trickiest part because it must happen quickly once the exclamation point appears
  5. From the menu that appears (‘Android system recovery’), choose ‘wipe data/factory reset’
  6. From the next menu, choose ‘yes, delete all user data’
  7. Some things will go past on the screen and you will eventually be returned to the ‘Android system recovery’ screen
  8. From the menu, choose ‘reboot system now’
  9. The phone is rebooted with factory defaults restored
  10. If you removed the SD card, power the phone off and replace the card

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