HTC Evo Reboot Loop Solved?

I think I might have mentioned once that I was having trouble with an Evo reboot loop…  If I didn’t let me give some background.  I got my HTC Evo 4G back in June 2010 when Sprint first released them.  It’s a great phone, but sometime the following September a problem arose where it would randomly restart while I was in the middle of doing something (using Google Navigation, for example, seemed to be a real problem).  To make matters worse, it would usually proceed to get stuck in a reboot loop, and eventually just freeze on the initial power on screen (white with HTC in green letters).  This shutdown/restart problem continued to get worse until a couple of weeks ago it was at the point where I could do almost nothing with my phone without it rebooting–not acceptable!

Finally, last week, I took it back to Sprint to see what they could do.  I have to admit I was ready for a fight…I figured they wouldn”t be very willing to help me.  To my surprise they said they needed to reset the phone and if that didn’t work they’d replace it.  I knew the reset wouldn’t work ’cause I’d done that plenty of times myself, but I figured I’d humor them.  No suprise, 5 minutes after the reset, my Evo was back to its reboot loop.  So, true to their word, they (Sprint) ordered me another phone!

I got my ‘new’ Evo a couple days ago, and while I don’t know whether it’s actually new or just refurbished (they claimed not to know either), it *appears* to be brand new.  At any rate, I’ve not seen the Evo reboot loop once so far!  Now, to be fair, it took a few months to see it the first time, but I’m hoping for the best!  Hopefully, it was just an early manufacturing bug or something.

All that to say, if you are having similar issues, I recommend taking it in…they might actually help you!

Also, I’ve seen other posts around the Internet about people experiencing the Evo reboot loop, but I’ve not seen any real answers.  If you have any idea to the root cause, and better yet a real solution, please post it here!  It would be a huge help to those of us with the same Evo reboot loop issue.

I’ll post any new developments as well…

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