Link to Android Apps Using Android Market Links

So you’ve created an Android app, put it in the Android Market, and now you  want to promote it.  But how do you link to Android apps from a webpage, email, twitter, or whatever, to your app’s listing in the market?  It’s actually quite easy–it’s only slightly different that a normal hyperlink.  One thing to note, however, is that when you click on an Android Market link, it will not work from the browser on you computer, it can only be tested on your Android device.

Anyway, there a several ways to create Android Market Links, and they are the following:

  • Linking Directly to the App Listing
  • Searching by its Java Package Name
  • Searching by Developer Name
  • Searching by Keyword
  • Searching with a Combination of Parameters

Linking Directly to the App Listing
is the most direct way to get a visitor at your website to find your app in the market.  This method requires you to know the Java package name of you app and looks like the following:<packagename>
– or –

For example:
– or –

Searching by its Java Package Name
is basically the same as a direct Android Market link as described above, except that it will take the user to a search results page first, where they will have to choose you app.  I’m not really sure why this would be used in place of a direct market link, but it is done like this:<package>
– or –

For example:
– or –

Searching by Developer Name
is a slightly more general way to link to Android apps in that it will show a results page listing all the apps developed by a given developer.  This is very useful if you would like to show existing users what else you have to offer.  Here’s how to do it:<Developer Name>
– or –
market://search?q=pub:<Developer Name>

For example:
– or –

Searching by Keyword
makes your link even more general, allowing you to direct the user to a list of apps relating to your selected keyword.  This is how it works: caller id
– or –

For example: caller id
– or –
market://search?q=talking caller id

Searching with a Combination of Parameters
simply combines the above search links.  This is done as follows:<substring> pname:<package>pub:<Developer Name>

For example: caller idpname:net.kgmoney.TalkingCallerID

And there you have it.  Start linking to your apps with Android Market links!

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